भारतीय संस्कृति में ताश के खेल का सदैव एक विशेष स्थान रहा है। चाहे आप अभी अपनी यात्रा शुरू कर रहे हों या अपने अंतिम वर्ष जी रहे हों···

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The famous talking cat shows his romantic sideTom Loves Angela is a spin-off of the popular Talking Tom Cat series of games. This time Tom has a female feline in tow, and it's your job to help him woo her.Just like previous Talking···

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There are a series of actions you can perform too such as singing, giving a gift to Angela, or throwing a pot plant at Tom. You can tap either of the cats in different places to get different responses. As before, you can record actions and···

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The main difference between Tom Loves Angela and previous games of this ilk, is that you can actually have a conversation with Angela. She will talk to you then you can respond either by talking (the speech recognition is surprisingly accur···

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To enable the conversation option in Tom Loves Angela you must either make an in-app purchase for it, or visit one of the recommended links to get a free trial of the feature.The new chat feature makes Tom Loves Angela a little different fr···

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Play with this cheeky bird who repeats anything you sayTalking Larry the Bird is a talking virtual pet who repeats everything you say. As well as making him say silly things you can interact with Talking Larry in a number of ways.

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Among the things you can do with Larry are: feed him with seeds, poke him, hit him with lightning, and play the piano and listen as he sings back what you're playing. You can record all of this mayhem through the app and share it..

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https://bsrummy.inTalking Bacteria is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that allows you to record your voice and have your words replayed in a chorus.With a comprehensive explanation page, Talking Bacteria is an easy app···

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https://bsrummy.inIn addition, Talking Bacteria has small, circular options on the right hand side of your screen that you can also play around with. There is an image of a syringe, a green plus sign, and a doughnut. The syringe makes the b···

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Talking Bacteria requires a microphone if you want to be able to record your voice and share it with others. The app also allows you to share with friends or upload your little message to Youtube. If you play it for too long though, it can ···

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Kid friendly mini-golfEgg Punch is a family friendly mini-golf game.Players have to guide an egg around the course, collecting feathers and gaining points as they head toward the goal.

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Egg Punch contains a very simple 3D polygon visual style focusing on mimicking a kid’s cartoon. It works perfectly for the game. The audio also borrows from the same theme in each of the stylized levels.

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